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Mrs. Bliss
Sixth Grade

* This is Mrs. Bliss’ 22nd year of teaching at HPE!

* Mrs. Bliss is our Head Teacher which means she fills in for Ms. Luke in the office when she is off-campus for meetings. She appreciates the opportunity to work with students and their families. Mrs. Bliss is also our Technology Lead (creating our school’s website), ASB Coordinator, School Site Council Secretary, and plans our annual intermediate science camp field trip.

* Personality Traits: funny, patient, creative, and sarcastic


Ms. Tacherra
Fifth Grade

* This is Ms. Tacherra’s 2nd year of teaching and her 3rd year at Hollywood Park!

* She has experience in Kindergarten, First Grade, and Second Grade.

* Ms. Tacherra is very passionate about working with students and meeting their individual needs.

* Personality Traits: energetic, adventurous, creative, and kind

* Favorite Quote: “Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.”  –J.K. Rowling


Mr. Ferraz
Second Grade

* Mr. Ferraz is new to HPE this year. He has been teaching in the US for 31 years; 10 years in a private preschool, 13 years at the public Kindergarten level, and the last 8 years where he looped with the same class from First to Eighth Grade.

* He enjoys teaching so much, and in so many areas. Two main reasons Mr. Ferraz enjoys teaching are singing & playing music with children and reading about child development.

* Mr. Ferraz is enthusiastic, generous, and thoughtful about the sustainability of the earth.


Mrs. Uribes
Second Grade

* Mrs. Uribes has worked in education for 28 years. This is her second year teaching at HPE. In the past, she worked as a preschool teacher, combination class teacher, a program director of early childhood education programs, an administrator at the elementary school level, and a professor for higher education. In addition, she has also worked at a private Montessori school.


Ms. Johnson
Third Grade

* Ms. Johnson has been teaching for 26 years … 6 years as a preschool teacher and 20 years in elementary education. This is Ms. Johnson’s 17th year at HPE. She has experience in preschool and grades 1st – 4th

* Ms. Johnson enjoys working and watching her students grow as they learn new concepts.  She likes to ensure that her students are prepared with the necessary skills for the next grade level.   Her goal is to inspire her students to want to learn more.


Ms. May
SDC Fourth/Fifth/Sixth Grade

* This is Ms. May’s 1st year of teaching at HPE. She has experience in grades 2nd-6th in a Special Day Classroom.


Mrs. Bridges
First Grade

* Mrs. Bridges has been a teacher for 19 years; this is her 5th year at HPE.

* She has experience in grades Kindergarten and First.

* Mrs. Bridges enjoys being on the School Site Council because she likes to work with parents and staff to help make the school the best it can be!

* Personality Traits: caring, friendly, perseveres, and good at organizing/planning

* Favorite Quote: “Mistakes are proof that you are trying.” –Unknown

* Favorite Children’s Book: Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White






Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

Social and emotional learning (SEL) enhances students’ capacity to integrate skills, attitudes, and behaviors to deal effectively and ethically with daily tasks and challenges.

Self-Management = The ability to successfully regulate one’s emotions, thoughts, and behaviors in different situations — effectively managing stress, controlling impulses, and motivating oneself; the ability to set and work toward personal and academic goals.