“Home of the Stars”

Hollywood Park Elementary School is a small neighborhood school, located in the Hollywood Park neighborhood, between Land Park and South Land Park.  We celebrate the charm that our tight-knit, community school has to offer.  Students in grades Kindergarten-6th Grade participate in a multitude of exciting learning opportunities.  Join us and become a Super Star!


HPE is “Going Green” through our partnership with Healthy Planet Foundation USA

Through our Hollywood Park Elementary School Healthy Growing Plan, the Healthy Planet Foundation USA will help us achieve our goals through a project-based school garden program.

Our goals are to:

* Educate our students about the connection between food and the Common Core subjects

* Educate students about where food comes from and how it’s made.

* Improve healthy eating knowledge and behaviors.

* Educate students about water conservation.

* Educate students about entrepreneurship revolving about our school garden.


HPE teachers are GATE Certified!


In order to become GATE certified, our teachers went through a year of additional coursework, beyond their teaching school day.  In addition, they each designed a GATE Unit of Study and underwent professional observations.

What does this GATE certification mean?  It means our teachers have been certified to work with students within their classrooms who have been identified as Gifted and Talented.  GATE instruction is good teaching in that it meets the individual needs of ALL students, while addressing the unique needs of GATE students.


Have you heard? We are a Performing Arts School !

The E. Claire Raley Studios for the Performing Arts (CLARA) is excited to announce a formal partnership with Hollywood Park Elementary School beginning this Fall 2017.

This partnership was established with Hollywood Park to provide greater arts access to SCUSD students and additional opportunities for arts exposure and integration in the classroom.

CLARA will build on the existing music and visual arts programs currently offered at the school to provide year-round performing arts residencies for each grade level (K-6).