P.E. Letter

September 2016


Dear Hollywood Park Parents:



Here at Hollywood Park Elementary we are proudly entering our fifth year of the E.P.E.C. program for Physical Fitness! Exemplary Physical Education Curriculum is showing results for our students with increased aerobic capacity, core and upper body strength development along with a deeper knowledge of the concepts of “fitness for life” being taught.


Also emphasized are character development and coordinating Social Emotional Learning (SEL) with the classroom working to a common goal of teaching concepts like:

*Best Effort-trying your hardest and never quitting

*Responsibility for your actions and behavior

*Cooperation-working with others to achieve a common goal

*Self Control-being aware of your feelings and making good decisions


Fifth graders are required to participate in Fitnessgram testing mandated by the California Board of Education. This testing gives the students and their parents a view of their overall health as it relates to others of the same age. The results are private and not used for evaluating your students’ grade in P.E. class!


Most of all we want all of our students and families to be aware of the need to be safe in the dynamic environment of the P.E. “classroom”. We require that students honor the following rules at all times.

*All game rules and playground structure “do’s and don’ts”.

*Asthma sufferers should have medication on campus in case of emergency.

*No gum, food or candy allowed on playground and during P.E. because of the obvious choking hazard.

*Tennis shoes required for P.E. – no open toe sandals or boots- to avoid ankle and foot injuries. Kids are encouraged to bring tennis shoes in backpack and change.


Rough or unsafe behavior that risks injury to one’s self or others will not be tolerated. We look forward to another great year of advancing our students’ health and fitness here at Hollywood Park!


Thank You,


Coach Plant

Coach Jones

Physical Education Department

Hollywood Park Elementary