HPE is “Going Green” through our partnership with Healthy Planet Foundation USA

Through our Hollywood Park Elementary School Healthy Growing Plan, the Healthy Planet Foundation USA will help us achieve our goals through a project-based school garden program.

Our goals are to:

* Educate our students about the connection between food and the Common Core subjects

* Educate students about where food comes from and how it’s made.

* Improve healthy eating knowledge and behaviors.

* Educate students about water conservation.

* Educate students about entrepreneurship revolving about our school garden.

We are so excited about embarking on the amazing partnership!  Not only will this be an opportunity to improve the overall beauty of our school campus, but we will be able to engage our whole school community in the process.

Look for more information coming soon about how you can get involved and support our Healthy Growing Plan efforts.  

For more information on the Healthy Planet Foundation USA, please visit the link above.