New Hope … After School Program
Program Director ... Luis Calderon-Huezo

New Hope Community Development Corporation (NHCDC) partners with schools, churches, businesses and other community partners to offer after-school programs. Their goal is to provide support, mentoring and enrichment/recreational activities for school-aged children at low or no cost to families.

HPE is very excited to embark on our new partnership with New Hope.  The Program Director for our site is Luis Calderon-Huezo.  Luis comes to us with several years of experience working with children and is eager become part of the HPE community.

Families have already been notified of their acceptance into the program.  If you were not accepted, but you turned in your application in June 2018, your name has been put on the waiting list. Unfortunately, the program cannot accept any other families at this time.  For more information, please visit our school office Monday-Friday, between the hours of 9am-3pm.

After-school care will begin the first day of school on August 30th.